Firefighters Receive New Radios Thanks to Grant

On December 18, 2017, Ralston Fire made the transition to brand new Motorola radios and a new radio system.  Ralston Fire joined other departments in the state including Lincoln Fire Department, Omaha Fire Department, Bennington Fire Department and many more. This update was made available for all fire and police departments in this area. The change, while costly, will help to increase communications between departments, on incident scenes and even with the dispatch centers. It’s integral part to our safety that we continue to stay up-to-date with these changes. The ability for Ralston to upgrade was made with help from a grant from Motorola. The radios have a harder structure on the outside, are a bright green color and offer over 10 banks of channels. This allows us to communicate with police, public works and other departments in seconds notice. The training continues over these new radios in order for all of the members to be confident in them. The new radios replace all of our engine radios, both ambulances, base station radio at the fire station, portable radios used by front-line officers and the radios in all of our support vehicles.