Current Members

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Mike Bolte

Mike joined the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department immediately after graduating from Ralston High School in 1971. His dad Harvey had been a member for many years, serving as Fire Instructor and Assistant Fire Chief. Growing up, seeing his dad get such great gratification from being in the fire service and at the station, left no doubt what his first goal was after graduating. He served for 17 years, achieving the rank of Assistant First Aid Captain. He has been married to his wife Denise since 1975. He has 3 children, Krisa, Kevin, and Keri, and 4 grandchildren.




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Jeremy Votjech

Jeremy has been a member of the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years. His grandfather was a member of the department for many years and he wanted to follow him into the service to serve the community of Ralston. In the past year Jeremy received the 2009 Pete Peterson award and 2009 EMT of the year. Because of the Fire Department and being able to help others, he has graduated from college and has worked for the past 2 years as an LPN.





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Mitch Bolte

Mitch joined the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department after graduating from Ralston High School in 1971 and was a member for 25 years until his retirement in 1996. During his tenure on the department Mitch attained the rank of Vice President, First Aid Instructor, Fire Instructor, Fire Inspector (twice) and 2nd Assistant Chief (twice). Mitch was also awarded Fireman of the Year and later 1st runner up for the Fireman of the Year. Mitch remains an active retired member of the department  and member of the Nebraska Serious Injury and Line of Duty Response Team.




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Tom Negly

Tom joined the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department in May of 1975.  Tom has a total of about 26 years of service with the department with a break in service while away for college for 6 years. He has held the offices of Fire Chief for 8 years, First and Second Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Inspector, Assistant Rescue Captain, member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of Directors, a position which he currently holds.He joined the fire department because he enjoyed watching firefighters and neighbors like Mitch, Mike and Harvey Bolte and Roy Gage respond to the whistle blowing as they drove through the intersection by his house.



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Carrie Wagner

Carrie joined the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department in December of 2002. During her tenure she has held the positions of Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Rescue Chief, Rescue Captain and Secretary for the department. She joined the department because she wanted to help others in their worst hour and time of need.







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Dave Shivley

Dave became a member of the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department in October of 1966. During his time on the department he has been 1st Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Instructor. He became a firefighter because he wanted to learn the techniques of fire fighting and rescue. Dave’s father was a long time member and held the rank of Assistant Fire Chief. His older brother was also a member joined when he was 16 years old and made the rank of Fire Chief when he was 21 years old. At that time he was the youngest Fire Chief in the state of Nebraska.




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Roger Hanson

Roger joined the fire department in 1990. He is currently a retired member but very active at the department and within department events. Roger held the offices of training officer, 2nd Assistant Chief, 2nd Assistant Rescue Lieutenant and Secretary. Roger has been a member of the Honor Guard since it’s inception. Roger joined the department to help the citizens of Ralston when they are in need.






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Mike Thomas

Mike joined the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department in 1989 and retired about 11 years later. During his time with the department Mike has served as Assistant Treasurer, Chaplain and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mike and his wife Jackie have three boys Chris, Scott and Erik. He currently is the Chaplain for the department.