Training 5

Today’s fire service is challenged with changing technology, hotter fires, light weight building construction, and a younger generation of firefighters. The Ralston Fire Department strives to be progressive and adapt to these changes. Every Ralston Firefighter is certified as an EMT Basic and Firefighter I at a minimum. Ralston Fire Training Officers provide advanced training in Engine Operations, Rapid Intervention, Search and Rescue, Ventilation, EMS, Forcible Entry, Hazardous Materials, and many other topics. Outside instructors are utilized to get different views and create a well rounded firefighter. In 2007 the Department purchased the building next door and converted it into a training building. The building has walls capable of being moved to create one large room, or three small rooms. Each room has pre-piped artificial smoke. The building allows members to learn search and rescue, forcible entry, wall breaches, Vent Enter Search, ladder operations, and many other drills. We utilize many props including forcible entry doors, breach walls, Denver drill, an entanglement box, rafter boxes, a removable floor panel, window for VES and bail outs, and a ventilation roof prop. Each year the Department sends members to outside trainings including Nebraska State Fire School, Brotherhood Instructors, Les Lukert Conference, FDIC, Omaha Fire Truck Academy, VEHEXT, Phoenix Fire Symposiums, The National Fire Academy, Wichita Fire HOT Classes, JEMS, and any other training that will benefit the fire department. The Ralston Fire Department Training Department strives to stay current and progressive. Training will remain a top priority, not only to ensure the safety of the public, but also make sure that Everyone Goes Home.